The Government’s Reversal on Masks Holds No Weight

These words from the Surgeon General dont just lose meaning because CDC guidelines say we should now wear face coverings. He said this months ago, but the guidelines were changed with NO new evidence that conflicts with what he says here. What he says is backed by studies and those studies may be ignored, but are not proven false. Doctors are trained for years to not touch their face/masks, yet even Dr Fauci touches his mask constantly.

“As a medical professional, I cant just go out and wear and N95. I have to make sure it properly fitted, and I have to have the right size”

Surgeon General Adams

Surgeon General Adams also said he wanted people to, “STOP BUYING MASKS!!” saying that they are “NOT effective.

“You can increase your risk of getting it [COVID-19] by eating a mask if you are not a healthcare provider […] and actually can increase the spread of the coronavirus.”

Surgeon General Adams

The CDC guidelines also mentions the people who shouldnt wear a face mask, even saying about their “voluntary health care measure,” previously admitting that you should “should only wear a face mask if a health care professional.”

The CDC also mentions “Not everyone is able to use a respirator due to medical conditions made worse when breathing through a respirator.”

Here’s a link to the surgeon general’s direct quotes, and a link in there to the interview:

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