Leftists Sue Trump Over Anti-Censorship Executive Order

I’m beginning to wonder what reality these people are living in; this is so absurd! Leftist organizations are suing the president for an Executive Order forcing BigTech PLATFORMS to uphold the first amendment, and stop unfairly censoring. This EO is so incredibly bipartisan in terms of who it affects, and they are literally suing on the side in favor of censorship while saying that the EO prevents people from receiving information (also a right of the first amendment).

Not to mention, the EO is from May, and obviously we’ve seen censorship plenty often since then, so I dont really think they can complain. The BigTech fact checkers are increasingly more biased in what they choose to censor, especially conservative posts and accounts. If it goes against the views of the radical Left, its odds of censorship will go up dramatically.

I have made sure to be extra careful, and only mention things I have reliable sources with facts for or I state that it is my opinion. I make sure to adhere to their guidelines. I still have experienced having my posts fact checked with articles that used bad sources, no actual references, and one time THEIR sources proved ME right!

When Facebook and Twitter suspended my accounts, I had proof with links and screenshots to back what I said and I fact checked their fact checkers. I also made mention to them that they are a PLATFORM not a PUBLISHER. My Twitter was reinstated within 10 minutes. My Facebook was back within 30 minutes. Neither let me know what rules I broke, but the list that Twitter gave me wouldn’t apply to anything I had posted. Facebook now fact checks me and doesnt let me know they did, and I cannot see that my post has been fact checked (others have sent me screenshots showing me).

Trump Derangement Syndrome makes people (and organizations and businesses) do some weird things, but it never ceases to amaze me that it’s possible to hate someone so much that they are against things that are actually beneficial to their own constituents (and themselves!). No wonder so many people are walking away from the Democrat (now Communist) Party!

#WalkAway #AmericaIsBurning #SaveAmerica #VoteRedToSaveAmerica

The Executive Order:

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