Frontline Doctors For Hydroxychloroquine

Press briefing taken off YouTube:

Taken from Breitbart

In case you missed it, these brave doctors from across the nation banding together to speak out against the fearmongering! These are the experts the MSM dont want you to hear!

They have a website where you can find information and watch the video of them telling the American people the truth about COVID-19 and Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ). I have read so many studies, seen so many doctors speak out about this alone, but together they can be a voice that gets heard! I have been praying for the frontline doctors to get a platform where they could be heard. Thank you God!

God bless these doctors! Each having personally treated hundreds of patients with HCQ, zinc, and a z-pack; they use one dose of 200mg HCQ 2x/week as a prophylactic, and they have not lost any patients or had their staff get sick.

These are not a bunch of quacks. This is a group of real doctors who treat real people, and are so passionate about their work and their patients that they refuse to be silenced and prevented from treating their patients with a drug they (and the rest of the world) know is safe and effective! These are doctors sick of people needlessly dying because politics keeps dictating health care guidelines instead of science.


There is so much proof to everything these doctors are saying, I have researched a whole lot that backs them up, and I encourage you to do your own research! I’m getting the information out as quickly as I can. Head over to their website* to learn more and watch the video:

*their site was removed by Squarespace when BigTech censored them, the day after their press conference on the steps of the capital. It is up and running again.

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