CDC Says Masks Wont Prevent Infection?

Guidelines from the CDC’s Public Health Recommendations says that wearing a mask during prolonged exposure (more than 15 minutes) will NOT prevent possible infection.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t that when we are told we are supposed to wear the masks? When we’re around people for long enough to be considered “close contact”? Why, if they were aware it does not prevent possible infection, would they be trying to make mask mandates on a national level?

My research on masks proves, scientifically, that the 120nm SARS-CoV-2 is so tiny that wearing cloth/surgical masks stop as little as 7% of the virus expelled in a cough.

Most people like to make the argument that it stops large droplets of spittle. Yes, that’s true, however the saliva and mucus are just what you can see while the majority of the aerosolized particles are not hitchhiking on your spit the droplets and are invisible to the naked eye, or even a regular microscope! Bacteria, which averages 1000nm in size, is much larger and able to have a lower penetration rate than the coronavirus.

Also, I’m very curious about what people do when they have a mask on and need to cough? Do you just cough into the mask and chance having a snotty mask? Do you pull it down and cough into your arm or a tissue? Seems like that would defeat the purpose entirely…

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