Remdesivir, mRNA-1273, and the NIH

The FDA revoked the Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) for hydroxychloroquine (a malaria/rheumatoid arthritis/lupus drug deemed among the safest and most prescribed for 65 years until Trump mentioned it) because of possible rare arrhythmias, saying the known risks outweigh the known benefits. They approve remdesivir, an investigational RNA drug that has never been approved by the FDA for anything!!!

There was one study (that “backed” the use for COVID-19) that had adverse reactions in 66% of their remdesivir trial patients, 12% being severe adverse reactions. In another study there were adverse effects in 74%, with SERIOUS adverse effects in 35%, and grade-3+ adverse reactions in 43%. They HAD TO DISCONTINUE THE STUDY BECAUSE THE MORTALITY RATE WAS 13% IN 5 DAYS/28% IN 10 DAYS.

How are the completely unknown benefits to the brand new drug remdesivir outweighing those “known risks”???

Sounds a lot like Bill Gates saying 10% of the world having severe adverse reactions to his mRNA-1273, including death, is okay to distribute to THE WORLD’S POPULATION. The clinical trials for that say there werent adverse reactions then you read the actual study, and they have a chart with “severe adverse reactions” right there waiting to be seen (which is actually 20%). Mind you, 10% of the world’s population is 1.5 BILLION people.

The same mRNA-1273 vaccine that comes from the previous attempts with SARS-CoV NIH backed mRNA vaccines procurement that has never been able to pass through animal testing. SARS-CoV is the only reference because there aren’t any animal studies published on SARS-CoV-2 because of the fast track. The SARS-CoV vaccine that they can claim successfully activated the virus antibodies because it did with the VSV-SARS-CoV-2but then it cant pass animal testing because ALL OF THE FERRETS DIED when introduced to the “wild virus“. The same origins of the vaccine Tony Fauci, the director of NIAID of the NIH, and Bill Gates are pushing to vaccinate THE WORLD with. The same vaccine that the NIH will get royalties from Moderna, the manufacturer of mRNA-1273, for the sales of the virus. The vaccine in PHASE III human trials; that vaccine.

So, take the more expensive drug, Remdesivir, until it kills you while having severe adverse reactions. If it doesn’t kill you, you’ll live to get vaccinated. Woohoo! Fauci and Gates are the best.

Also, check out:
C19STUDY.COM for 78 studies, 40 peer reviewed, on the efficacy of hydroxychloroquine for use as a prophylactic or in MILD cases of COVID-19.

Sorry I didn’t remember to save the sources. I really try not to do that!

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