Do We Really Need a Vaccine?

Why do we have to have a vaccine for this to truly be over? Why is it that treating it is not an option with the hydroxychloroquine that has an exemplary reputation for being safe and useful… but the “experts” say it is too dangerous… (C19STUDY.COM)

The FDA is going to pass the mRNA-1273 as long as it is 50% effective?!! Let’s not forget that 80% of the participants had adverse reactions, 20% included fatal reactions. (1.5 BILLION people of the people he wants vaccinated… which includes everyone…)

Oh, but we will allow for treatment emergency use authorized for the brand new, never been FDA approved with awful side effectsremdesivir.

The benefits do not outweigh the known risks” is how they put it for revoking HCQ. Sounds like remdesivir would fall under that category..

The chances of it being 98% effective is not great, which means you must never abandon the public health approach.” Does he want us to live like this forever? I believe he said until theres a vaccine we cant go back to normal, that we need to be more locked down.

Theres a disease we know how to treat, but we’re not allowed because the people making the vaccine get to influence whether or not we can get treatment, but we cant get the vaccine, and it probably wont work or kill you, and we must lock down the country until the potentially fatal vaccine comes out so you can play Russian roulette.
C19STUDY.COM for HCQ studies

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